Why ride a bike instead?

Never mind global warming.

Yes, there seems to be a clear consensus among the scientific community confirming “global warming”, which is defined as “an increase in the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution” by the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

“Many scientists predict that such an increase in temperature would cause polar ice caps and mountain glaciers to melt rapidly, significantly raising the levels of coastal waters, and would produce new patterns and extremes of drought and rainfall, seriously disrupting food production in certain regions” according to the Concise Encyclopedia.

The term “greenhouse gas” or GHG has emerged to describe the pollution responsible for the greenhouse effect and the US EPA credits over 80% of the source of GHG to electricity production (34%), transportation (27%) and industry (20%). So, with over a quarter of GHG pollution coming from transportation there is plenty of room for reduction but this has not been enough of a reason to convince people to stop driving and flying in jets.

Therefore offered herein are a few more considerations to enlighten the willing.

Other pollution. Ever wonder where tire rubber goes? A motor vehicle will wear through several sets of tires in its lifetime and all that rubber must go somewhere! Ditto for brake pads and a variety of petroleum based fluids that leak out. None of this pollution is regulated at all, so it is in our air, water soil and food.

Personal finance. AAA says the average cost for car ownership is over $9,000 per year. This is the direct cost to drivers and doesn’t include the public costs to construct and maintain infrastructure, nor the increased cost of health care and other indirect costs.

Physical health. Speaking of health costs, epidemic obesity due to poor eating habits and inactivity is a prime driver to increasing health care costs. It is unsafe for children to walk or ride a bike to school, contributing to childhood obesity.

Mental health. Motor vehicle users are insulated from the natural world and from each other. The experience of riding a bike is fun and allows a real connection to the natural world.

Public space. The public roadways have become so unsafe walking or riding a bike is out of the question for most people. It is not even safe for children and pets in front of their own homes because of the speeding motor vehicles that dominate these public spaces. They are only slightly aware of the carnage left behind and known as “road kill”, which is dead wildlife that makes the error of wandering into the path of a speeding vehicle.

Social effects. Road Rage is a term coined to define the behavior of especially rude drivers, but most drivers experience some level of frustration and behave badly when isolated from each other inside closed compartments. If people acted the same in line at the bank or grocery store there would be brawls every day. Safe from confrontation and inspired by NASCAR drivers are in competition to make it to the next red light first.

Political influence. All of these costs add up and enrich petroleum, defense, motor vehicle, and the finance and insurance business is most lucrative regarding motor vehicles. What other product has the government stepped in and required people to buy? Why is the US military at war in the middle east? How much political influence does the petroleum industry have? What other industries receive multi billion dollar bail outs when their business models collapse?

So, never mind the global warming caused by private motor vehicles, there are plenty of other reasons to park the car and ride bikes instead.


Drive 55 Conservation Project update – Earth Day 2007

SACRAMENTO – April 23, 2007

Senator Hillary Clinton Endorses 55 MPH Speed Limit
Drive 55 Conservation Project announces new bumper sticker goal and website update

“The 55-mile speed limit really does lower gas usage. And wherever it can be required, and the people will accept it, we ought to do it…”

2008 Presidential contender Hillary Clinton endorses a return to the 55 MPH speed limit.

US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) on Tuesday endorsed a return to the 55 MPH maximum speed limit for “most” of the country during a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Senator Clinton, who is leading in the polls for the Democratic nomination for president in 2008, responded to a question about whether she supported the Carter administration’s national maximum speed limit.

“The 55 mile speed limit really does lower gas usage, and wherever it can be required and that people will accept it, we ought to do it,” Clinton said.

The senator admitted that the move would be too unpopular to implement nationwide. “Well, there are just some parts of the country where that’s just not going to happen,” she said. “You know, where you’ve got miles of open, flat road.”

“I mean, there are things that can be done. So maybe the trade off is, you know, most of the country where 55 miles an hour doesn’t seem like a burden, we have that. In the rest of the country, inflate your tires before you head off into the sunset,” Clinton concluded.

A newly elected Republican majority Congress repealed the national 55 MPH speed limit in 1995 over the objection of then-President Bill Clinton after groups like the National Motorists Association demonstrated the law’s shortcomings as a “life-saving measure.”

May 25, 2006 from http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/11/1148.asp

Visit http://www.drive55.org to join Hillary

Drive 55 Conservation Project – One million bumper sticker goal set

Responding to increased public interest the Drive 55 Conservation Project has released new bumper stickers that feature a green circle with 55 inside to let other drivers know the vehicle they are following is driving 55 MPH or less. Our Goal: One million Drive 55 bumper stickers.

Studies and real world experience prove that driving with an “Unleaded Right-Foot” and observing speed limits, never exceeding 55 MPH will reduce energy consumption by 20% to 50%, with no new technology or sacrifice in comfort or safety. In fact, traffic deaths and injuries drastically decreased in the years following the first national 55 MPH speed limit implemented in the 1970’s due to the Arab oil embargo.

The people of the United States are under enormous pressure to reduce energy costs and here is why slowing down the pace of traffic still makes sense today.

Reduced fuel consumption – save up to 50%!
Reduced wear and tear on equipment and roadways
Reduced pollution, air, water and noise
Reduced congestion due to fewer collisions
Reduced collisions mean reduced deaths and injuries
Reduced dependance on imported oil
Reduced funding of oil wars

Increased cash to spend on other living expenses
Increased safety for drivers
Increased safety for pedestrians
Increased value of equipment due to less wear and tear
Increased life of taxpayer funded roadways
Increased ability for manufacturers to produce quality vehicles
Increased national security

All of this with no decrease in comfort, no new technology, no new fuel, and no inconvenience for anyone. Join us, get some of these bumper stickers for your vehicles and for your friends, together we can do this. Our goal is one million vehicles with this message on their bumper, Visit www.Drive55.org to check out the new website, download a free Real World Vehicle Efficiency Report, read reports, articles, EPA documents and order Drive 55 bumper stickers to help reach our goal of one million Drive 55 bumper stickers.

Tim Castleman

Pedestrians Right of Way?

The motor vehicle code clearly states that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. The lone exception, BY LAW, is the high speed roadways commonly known as ‘Freeways”.

We either need to change the law and say it is ok to strike pedestrians under some circumstances or enforce the law that says pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.

The burden falls on the operator and manufacturer of the heavy machinery to be responsible about how it is operated. If operating the machinery at night at high speeds leads to pedestrian death and or injury the operator, manufacturer and enabler (road builder) should be held accountable both legally and civilly.

Enforce or change the law.

Dear Sir Richard Branson,

In response to your announcement of a $25 million dollar prize for ideas to stop global warming, here is my entry.

Dear Sir Branson, here is my entry to your contest for ideas to stop global warming.

Peace Training

Air for tires on every fuel pump!

Proposed is to develop a tire Air Check & Fill system on every fuel pump thus making it very convenient for consumers to check and inflate their tires. Encourage frequent use of the system to check all four tires by providing a discount to regular users of the system, controlled by membership cards to prevent fraud.

Example, consumer drives into service station and swipes his debit card or pre-pays the clerk, before selecting the grade, customer may choose to use the Air Check & Fill system just as they may choose to use a car wash.  After selecting to use the Air Check, car model is selected and the program begins to run, sensing proper pressure on each of the tires and filling as needed.

Get support from insurance industry for safety, tire industry for proper wear patterns, auto industry for safety and proper wear patterns, consumers for saving money.

Oil industry to offer recruits stock and more

Rumor has it that secret meetings and plans by oil industry marketing teams include offering enlistment incentives to high school and community college students willing to serve in the Middle East protecting their vital interests In the US military.

Bonus packages include private stock in energy, defense and prison industries plus fast track internship after service in their choice of Washington DC lobby firms such as the American Enterprise Institute or the Sierra Club, according to political persuasion. Top candidates will also find opportunities in global corporations not available to the general public.

Especially sought are bilingual marketing experts with experience in psychological operations, hypnosis, and sensory deprivation, interrogation and law enforcement industry experience. Wealthy family connections improve career objectives but will be supplied to the right candidates upon verification of citizenship and after the loyalty oath has been Fully administered.

This rumor has little basis in fact, just speculation….support the troops!

Motion of Life

Considering the Motion of Life – in and out, back and forth, up and down, the act of intercourse, breathe in and breathe out, all these result in the Cycle of life. Remove one of the opposites and life ceases.

Remove war and there will be no peace.

Remove hate and there will be no love.

Remove all insects all life will cease.

Remove night and there will be no day.

Remove the evil, there will be no good.

Light and Dark, Odd and Even, Positive and Negative, War and Peace, Love and Hate, all these are opposites – or are they? Perhaps these are just different sides of the same coin? As in the poles of a battery, a measure of time called a Day, the full experience of flying, intercourse for procreation?

Tension that exists between opposites is Life.

One must first love, then hate, or vice versa. The absence of either is indifference; one is not possible without the other.

No war, No peace, Know War, Know Peace. Without war, there would be no peace, and vice versa. Do you understand?

Can people choose where they will be on this spectrum of Tension?

Is this position a result of circumstances or is there a spiritual component involved?

It seems to me the simple response is to seek balance, however, imagine if the ocean tides found balance and the ocean were stilled? This would mean the influence of the moon had somehow gone away, and I am quite sure that would only be possible in the presence of many other significant events, too numerous to imagine. Surely all life on earth would be affected by such an event!

What if there were a perfect balance of light and dark – it would be all gray! On the other hand, what if it were all of one and none of the other? Again, this would be the end of life for it would be the end of Tension.

So, the Tension that is Life only occurs in the presence of Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Love and Hate.

Indifference is death.

Robertson and Rove’s Rich Religious Right Republican Talking Points Regarding KatRina

1) KatRina was a Natural storm – as in Organic – spin to ‘good for you’

2) It was their own fault, they were warned and didn’t leave – as in Personal Responsibility – spin to the Evil Sin City got what they deserved because god hates fags and other evildoers.

3) Local officials have first responder authority, not the federal government, Bush was patiently waiting for the local officials to approve federal help – spin to federal government can’t solve all your problems – god helps those that help themselves.

4) Blame Game – it is not time to play the blame game because it is all local officials fault and besides we have hard work to do now is not the time to play the blame game – spin with many photo ops with Bush posed with victims interspersed with shattered church buildings with handfuls of the faithful worshiping god in the ruins. Remember, this is a NatuRal disaster, wholesome, refer to talking point #2.

5) Bill and/or Hillary Clinton

6) Hillary and/or Bill Clinton


8) If talking points 1 through 7 all fail to wear down the truth seeker, use nuclear option and ask why they hate America.