Prohibition STILL doesn't work. It never did. Why not regulate and tax it instead?

Prohibition STILL doesn’t work. It never did. Why not regulate and tax it instead?

Marijuana use is a victimless crime and prohibition is very unpopular among the general public. The law itself creates an unregulated black market economy that gangs and thugs profit from. Rival gangs fight over market segments and turf wars disrupt our communities with violence and other criminal activities.

History confirms that prohibition never worked and actually created one of the bloodiest, most corrupt periods in American history. The solution was to legalize, regulate, and tax the forbidden substance for adults.

When we regulate and tax marijuana for adults it will put an end to the cannabis crime wave driven by black market profits caused by prohibition. When we allow responsible adults to produce, process and sell commercial cannabis with requirements for labeling and tax commercial sales it will benefit our state and local budgets.

California Cannabis Initiative is the grassroots, people’s movement to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis. This is a 100% volunteer effort with no corporate funding.

The success of the California Cannabis Initiative depends on your contribution of time and resources.

Visit to get started.

Tim Castleman
Yes on California Cannabis Initiative

P.S. Contribute $1,000 or 1,000 signatures to receive an exclusive autographed copy of the Memoirs of the Legendary Cannabis Cowboy. Help the Cannabis Cowboy save the day again!

PCa Update October 09

It has been almost 4 months now since my diagnosis 6/5/09. Two months ago I decided my treatment plan would be headed up by big lifestyle and diet changes, bolstered by hormone therapy and finalized with a round of proton beam therapy at Loma Linda which may be followed with more hormone therapy depending on PSA results. The diet and lifestyle changes are permanent.

So, I have lost about 30 pounds by simply walking a lot, riding my bike often and not eating anything with more than 3 grams of fat per 100 calories. No red meat and very little poultry. Lots of fruit and vegetables and some seafood.

For the past two months I have been on Trelstar, a hormone to block testosterone. PSA has fallen to 1.5 as of 9/29/09. My consultation at Loma Linda is scheduled for 10/6/09-10/7/09 and I hope to return mid-October through mid-December for the series of proton beam treatments.

I don’t play games like golf and tennis and as a California native have very little interest in the traditional attractions folks from out of state enjoy. Therefore, while I am in Southern California I will be working on a petition drive to put an initiative on the 2010 ballot to end cannabis prohibition and save California. This useful diversion will keep me busy and therefore is a big part of my treatment plan.

So that’s my PCa update for now, I feel good and am very optimistic about my plans. I am fortunate indeed!

To live well

To live well, to laugh often, to love much, to gain the respect of intelligent people, to win the love of little children. To fill one’s niche and accomplish one’s task, to leave the world better than one finds it whether by an improved flower, a perfect poem or another life ennobled. to never lack appreciation of earth’s beauty or fail to express it, to always look for the best in others, to give the best one has. To make one’s life an inspiration and one’s memory a
benediction. This is success.”
–Bessie Stanley 1904

California Cannabis Law Reform in 2010

Due to heightened public awareness about legalizing marijuana, Californians are fortunate to have at least four cannabis law reform measures to consider. This abundance has created some confusion and advocates may be unsure what to support.

Taking the measures in order of introduction, Tom Ammiano’s AB 390 was introduced to the state legislature in mid 2009 and failed to gain enough support to get very far. Some advocates expressed concern over the length of the bill (59 pages) and took issue with many of its provisions. Opponents only read the headlines and rejected the entire idea with no further discussion.

Next, on July 15, 2009 a four page proposed ballot initiative entitled The Tax, Regulate and Control Cannabis Act was filed by California Cannabis Initiative (CCI), an all-volunteer effort.

About two weeks later an eleven page proposed ballot initiative, with a very similar title but vastly different language, was filed by Taxcannabis 2010, an effort funded by dispensary owners.

Around this same time a fourth initiative was filed by a Long Beach group that no one seems to have taken much interest in. This measure seems to simply instruct the legislature to take charge of the issue and enact legal reform reflecting majority opinion, an idea many consider highly unlikely.

Emerging from all this activity as the most visionary is the all-volunteer effort by California Cannabis Initiative. For adults 21 and up this Act would repeal cannabis prohibition retroactively, thus releasing thousands of cannabis prisoners and putting an end to the black market for cannabis. The savings for law enforcement are estimated to be at least $981 Million per year.

The Ammiano bill has (predictably) stalled in the legislature amidst opposition from well-funded opponents and little support from cannabis law reformers.

The CCI proposal would tax cannabis $50 per ounce which the state Board of Equalization estimates will add $1.4 Billion to the California Budget. These funds must be used for vital social programs cut by recent budget shortfalls. Adults 21 and up would have no restrictions on private use and commercial activities would be legal and regulated like any other business.

The Oaksterdam initiative, funded by cannabis vendors, would let cities decide if cannabis could be produced or sold, generate very little income for the state budget, restrict citizens to one once of cannabis, only allow a five foot space to grow in, leave cannabis prisoners locked up and create new cannabis crimes while retaining many already on the books.

The time is ripe for cannabis law reform and it falls to this generation to improve the future for cannabis consumers while funding vital social programs and freeing up law enforcement resources to focus on real criminals and crime. CCI is seeking volunteers to continue the work so much time and effort has already been invested in. Right now there is a critical and urgent need for pro-bono help from election law experts to help insure legal compliance. Volunteer online at

Toxic Assets Relief Project (T.A.R.P.)

Send Congress Your Toxic Assets – demand YOUR bailout!

Got one of those 29% credit cards with the average $9k of debt? Send that toxic asset to Congress and let them “Take Action” on it!

Did you buy more house than you can afford? Is that ARM resetting to double your payment? Send that Toxic Asset to Congress for immediate action!

Auto loan got you upside down and stuck with a gas guzzler? Send that Toxic asset to Congress!

Consumers must demand More, Cheaper, Faster!! Call your Representative in Congress and demand YOUR bailout, send Congress your Toxic Assets today!

The Money Masters – International Bankers

Letter I sent my representatives in congress today:
I have carefully listened to Treasury Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke as they presented their case for the bank bailout. I also listened carefully to President Bush last night and I have come to the conclusion that instead of congress writing legislation to bailout the banks, the Justice department should be writing arrest warrants and preparing asset seizure cases for them.

The Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Reserve System as configured with private ownership and zero transparency are at the heart of this problem. This crisis gives ample justification for congress to repeal the Fed’s Charter to create and loan money.

I sincerely hope congress does not capitulate to this clear attack on our country by foreign interests.

People crying “FIRE” are LYING, again. If there is an emergency, call 911, otherwise we have time to do things right to straighten this mess out.

Tim Castleman

Where do I sign up for MY bail out?

As a self-employed taxpayer today I am really unhappy about the bail out of yet another private enterprise facing bankruptcy. This time it is AIG, a huge corporation with business operations worldwide. So I want to know, where do I sign up for MY bailout when business turns sour?

It was just the other day that I made my quarterly payment for my estimated tax liability. This is an ADVANCE payment for taxes that aren’t even due yet, but that’s the rule so I have to live with it. Why don’t these people have to live by the rules I do?