Asphalt Removal Project

Most roadways in America are paved with asphalt, a by-product of the petroleum refining process. Asphalt is a constituent in varying proportions of most crude petroleum and used for paving, roofing, industrial and other special purposes.

Until now environmental studies regarding asphalt have only considered asphalt vapors and interactions with rainfall. Scant attention has been given to the tally of death and mayhem that has resulted from the extensive use of asphalt to build roadways enabling high speed and reckless operation of millions of Weapons of Mass Destruction in and around our homes and workplaces.

These killing zones appear in the form of public roadways but the only members of the public that may even marginally safely use them are owners of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Conservationists are denied safe use of public facilities due to the unregulated and permissive use of public resources in favor of the most destructive machines over people walking or riding a bicycle.

This injustice must be corrected. It is time to rise up and demand EQUAL ACCESS to public roadways and protection from mindless operators of motor vehicles. Drivers who refuse to yield the right of way harm far too many innocent pedestrians and bicycle riders. It is time to ask the question: Do we want a society that yields the right of way to pedestrians or not?

If we answer yes, pedestrians should always have the right of way, we must take action to make it happen and here is my proposal. To be accurate, I actually read the core of this idea somewhere long ago, which is to remove all asphalt from within approximately one-mile squares in urban areas. Replace the asphalt with public gardens and pathways for walkers, bike and electric scooter riders, speed limit 5 MPH. Everyone would be within ¼ mile of the nearest Roadway, and it would have an electric light rail train passing every 10 minutes in each direction.

Now we will have created safe zones for people and an efficient transportation system to help them move around. The killing zones would be very well defined and away from the living zones of gardens and trees safe for children, pets and old people.

What a transition of wealth this would bring! Petroleum warlords would soon have to find honest work as the need to plunder resources from neighbors is replaced by sustainable communities that willingly and fairly trade with each other based on principles of sustainability and humanity first.

So let us begin immediately! Advocate for removal of asphalt killing zones in your neighborhood and help promote sane choices for our transportation future. Demand infrastructure improvements to favor people over machines and enforce the law that pedestrians always have the right of way by taking away the license of offenders BEFORE they strike an innocent pedestrian.

Letter to Sac Bee re: Crosswalk sting

Dear Tony Bizjak,

In response to your article in the January 31 edition of the Sacramento Bee “Crosswalk sting catches 64 unyielding drivers”, thanks for the interesting article pointing out how rude drivers are towards pedestrians.

Sadly, you seem to be missing a crucial point here, namely that pedestrians already have the right of way, and a condition of having a license to operate a motor vehicle is acknowledgment of that fact.

Yet, tens of thousands are murdered and maimed every year by careless drivers and the best we can do is issue a $271 ticket for a crime that amounts to attempted murder?

In your article you seem to imply that the pedestrian killed in Elk Grove was at fault because he was wearing headphones! This is an outrage! The law is very clear; pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. Just because one is wearing headphones and walks in front of a speeding truck doesn’t make it ok for the truck to run him down.

Or does it? I suggest that attitudes like yours bolster the idea that pedestrians “bring it on themselves” more often than not, when the reality is that tens of thousands of innocent people are run down every year by thoughtless drivers, and very few are drunks or suicidal people jumping in front of cars. The small percentage of careless people that do wander into the roadway simply does not excuse drivers from the requirement BY LAW to watch where they are going, and to YIELD to pedestrians, again BY EXISTING LAW.

Motorized vehicles are powerful and deadly Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Society is sacrificing true freedom by enslaving motor vehicle owners to massive debt and monthly expenses for insurance and maintenance. In addition to being the primary cause of many forms of pollution, motor vehicles are also causing numerous social ills such as obesity, isolation, and outright hostility towards fellow men and women commonly known as “Road Rage”.

I propose a three-point approach to begin changing this unhealthy addiction.

A: ENFORCE existing traffic control laws, especially regarding pedestrians.
B: RESTORE and enforce the 55 MPH national speed limit.
C: BUILD infrastructure that FAVORS pedestrians and bicycle riders over motor vehicles.

No new laws are required. These simple measures will make walking or riding a bike a safer, more attractive proposition while reducing consumption of petroleum by 20% to 50% with corresponding reductions in pollution, accidents, death and injuries. Vehicles will last longer, insurance rates will go down, people will be healthier overall due to cleaner air and water combined with more frequent exercise and contact with neighbors and the community.

This is all about encouraging an attitude of voluntary conservation rather than unchecked consumption. This country once had an institution that permitted slavery, we got over it and we can get over this too. Pedestrians have EQUAL RIGHTS to motor vehicle operators, and for those who refuse to accept that fact $271 is far too small of a fine – next time the price may very well be someone’s life.


On the morning of January 19th, 2005, 14 people signed a letter to Congress demanding PEACE THROUGH CONSERVATION on board the Capitol Limited Amtrak train as it approached Washington D.C. Union Station. About an hour after arrival, Peggy and Tim walked the final mile or so to deliver copies of the letter to our representatives in Congress. A copy was also given to Senator Frank Lautenberg on January 20th when Tim had a chance meeting with the Senator from New Jersey in the Club Acela at Union Station in Washington D.C.

This journey of over 6000 miles to deliver a message of PEACE THROUGH CONSERVATION was accomplished despite the cancellation of original plans on the California Zephyr due to a landslide West of Denver. West Coast riders were re-routed from as far as Arcata and Sacramento to board the Southwest Chief originating from Union Station in Los Angeles on January 16th. These included Tim, Alan, Maartje and Peggy with her kids; 3-year-old Kiyitesi, 8-year-old Nikolis and his friend Fin, and Joy, a delightful 15-year-old German exchange student.

In Los Angeles, the Southwest Chief was delayed and an AP reporter was on site to photograph us but poor logistical planning caused some riders to miss each other in the station. Fortunately, we found each other as we were boarding and the journey began rather chaotically well over an hour late. We all had dinner and settled in for the night, looking forward to meeting our karaoke team, Louie & Lola, to join is in the morning at the Flagstaff stop.

These amazing people traveled from Phoenix the day before to join us in Flagstaff and brought along equipment for karaoke on board the train for the next two nights. A drunken Bush supporter whose name escapes me punctuated the first night of karaoke. As I walked down the aisle in Coach with a PEACE TRAIN to DC poster to announce our presence and invite others to join us, this fellow spoke up to loudly tell me to “Keep Walking” as I passed by him. Later, he showed up in the Lounge car with an apology and we had a conversation in which he confessed his growing discomfort with the war but adamant support for George W. Bush. He wanted me to sing with him at the karaoke machine, so I did my best and we wound up on friendly terms. He sang a couple of songs and joked around with us for a while. I think he and his wife were impressed with our sincerity and spent quite some time looking over the Last Letters Home and Michael Moore letters from Iraq books I had brought along. We read out loud from these books between karaoke, using the microphone so the whole car could hear us. Alan sang America The Beautiful, which got most of us singing in harmony for a few moments that will remain special in my memory forever.

In Chicago our group grew to include Nathan and Amanda who not only sang and added spark but also conducted a Legal and Safety training the next day, the indomitable Bridget and her dog, and several other fun people on the way.

The second night of karaoke was even more fun than the first. Now we had the kid’s coloring PEACE TRAIN to DC posters and a nice crowd blocking the way for passengers and conductors well past 1 AM as we sang our way through the night on our way to Washington D.C. aboard the Capitol Limited. Half way through a reading I was interrupted by impatient karaoke singers, several young people had taken up residence and it is absolutely clear to everyone on board the train that night; we are real and we are many! I handed out fliers I have printed on 2 sides of 100% recycled paper I paid extra for at Kinkos and took dozens of pictures.

I notice a dark haired girl intently studying the Last Letters Home book, she turns out to be an Iranian citizen – she seems nervous but appears to support our message of PEACE THROUGH CONSERVATION. Her companion is friendly and flashes the ‘V’ for peace finger sign for my camera. I assume he too is from Iran, I think they are students.

I should mention that I have been eating Dramamine tablets since I left Sacramento but the motion sickness has come anyway and I struggle between these public sessions mightily. My travel partner is sympathetic, but understandably disappointed I believe. I have underestimated the motion sickness and it really made me a bore at times I am sure, thank you Maartje and everyone else too, for your patience and understanding.

I want to especially thank Nathan and Amanda for taking on the Legal and Safety training the next day. This help came when I needed it most, and their experience provided a far superior presentation to any I could have done even in the best of circumstances. To Louie and Lola, who brought a fantastic gift of song while Peggy brought her kids and Yoga and music and color and smiles and to Maartje who is curious about everything and interested in everyone’s story, and Alan for being an expert rail guide, you are a swell gang, thank you for joining the PEACE TRAIN to DC.

And to all the other PEACE TRAIN Riders, Amtrak staff, my Mom, and everyone who has supported this project, one million thanks; the project is a complete success.

I am finally getting over the motion sickness and have posted a photo album at where registered users can post comments. If you haven’t already, please sign a petition to endorse our letter to Congress from there or click here to go directly to the petition.

The Hope of the Drive 55 Conservation Project

What is the Hope of the Drive 55 Conservation Project?

Trust is that special relationship that produces a sense of Security and Safety. Our Hope is found in the knowledge that these Principles of Resource Conservation will result in true National Security and Safety for every Citizen.

Principle #1 – E=MC2

“It takes Energy to move Mass. It takes More Energy to move More Mass, and it takes More Energy to move Mass at a higher rate of Speed.”

On the 100th anniversary of this famous formula, our hope is that cultural awareness of this important principle will be more inclusive of the conservation element and will recognize the true cost of energy. (To prove this principle for yourself, mount a bicycle and pedal as fast as you can, then maintain the high rate of speed, even uphill, for a while. It will not take long to clearly relate Speed with Energy Consumption.)

Principle #2 – Funding Petroleum Warlords

Recognizing our addiction and the damage it is causing, we take responsibility for funding the war machine.

It is not a local social program you are supporting when you “fill ‘er up”. Over half of the petroleum consumed in the US is imported. This means that more than half of the money you spend at the pump is going directly to foreign interests; the other half is going to huge oil companies while the vendor is left to eek out a living selling coffee, donuts and newspapers. Even these small operators are being driven out of business by the huge conglomerates, and it is not high-paying union jobs they are providing to our economy. Meanwhile, under the guise of the ‘Drug War’, US military forces are present in nearly every country worldwide to enforce security around pipelines, oil terminals and facilities, and to protect the political regimes friendly to US oil and cheap labor interests.

So the next time you consider boarding a jet aircraft, remember that this form of heavily subsidized transportation consumes twice as much petroleum per passenger mile as train travel does, and supports the Defense industry through even heavier subsidies for crossover technologies that begin in military applications and eventually are commercialized for profit. This list is endless but includes things like the Hummer, the M15 assault rifle, night vision goggles, body armor and other things useful only to warriors and for killing human beings, such as the Apache helicopter program. Also keep in mind that the corresponding pollution is FIVE times that of train travel; for those who choose to travel by private jet, the consumption is so far off the scale that they could be considered criminal offenders.

Principle #3 – The Illness of Addiction

The first step in recovery from any addiction is to overcome the denial and acknowledge powerlessness over the addiction.

Dependency on petroleum is not easy to break, and in fact impossible for most not living in Third World countries within agrarian cultures. The hydrocarbon economy requires vast consumption of a diminishing resource. Withdrawal symptoms will be physical, mental and emotional. Initially, a great physical price is paid as we walk or ride a bike instead of driving. Our friends and neighbors challenge our mental and emotional health when we choose a lifestyle formerly reserved to the poor by using Amtrak, the bus, or other forms of public transportation and refuse to board the obscene energy hog ‘jet aircraft’. Our hope is found in our experience, the examples of reduced dependency being lived by local community leaders, and within the promises in Principle #4.

Principle #4 – Conservation: a Strategy for a Life of Comfort, Joy and Ease

The solution to addiction involves reducing dependency on the object of our addiction, in this case petroleum.

Our hope is bolstered by the proof obtained by practicing conservation in our everyday lives. By using less of everything, we reduce our dependency on a constant stream of consumer goods. We actually gain a new sense of security as we take on more responsibility for the things we can. We preserve more of our capital wealth, and increase it by trusting in the wealth of Land well cared for. We find our greatest treasure of life, happiness and security is found in direct relation to our management of natural resource consumption. The Earth is abundant and generous, but suffers under the predictably gluttonous behavior of fossil fuel addicts. Fossil fuels are not evil, but a natural resource that has been abused.

Principle #5 – ‘Alternative’ Energy is not a Solution by Itself

It is not a solution to substitute alternative forms of energy for fossil fuels while continuing the addictive, gluttonous behavior.

The truth is that hydrocarbons stored in liquid (petroleum), solid (coal) and gaseous (natural gas) forms are a nearly-perfect source of energy collected from the sun and naturally stored for our long-term use. The real problem is gluttony. A drunk that substitutes wine for beer is still a drunk. Replacing fossil fuels with other forms of energy is not a sustainable long-term solution without equal emphasis on conservation. In fact, our greatest source of new energy will be found in Conservation, not Alaska! Our hope is that we know there will be plenty of energy within our own land as more recover from the addiction, reduce consumption, and inspire others to do the same.

Visit for more information.

PEACE TRAIN to DC Mission Accomplished

Sacramento, CA

At 7:04 A.M. Pacific Time, the PEACE TRAIN to DC mission was completed. After a journey of over 6000 miles from the west coast to Washington D.C. to demonstrate travel using 50% less petroleum per passenger mile, and to deliver a letter signed by PEACE TRAIN riders demanding PEACE THROUGH CONSERVATION, the PEACE TRAIN to DC Mission is a complete success. Full details including images will be posted soon at

The PEACE TRAIN to DC has arrived

It is snowing in Washington DC as we arrive about an hour late on the Capitol Limited after the over night run from Chicago on the last leg of the eastbound portion of the PEACE TRAIN to DC. The mission is to deliver a message of PEACE THROUGH CONSERVATION by riding the train from the West Coast to Washington, DC instead of a jet airplane, and to deliver a letter to congress signed by the PEACE TRAIN to DC riders.

Last night we had a great time as the conductor allowed us the use of the entire upper floor of the lounge car for our second Karaoke party of the trip.

There have been numerous contacts with press along the way from as far away as Japan and Holland as well as local media and AP. One talk radio team came on board and taped interviews with several of the PEACE TRAIN to DC Riders.

From Los Angeles we boarded the Southwest Chief for the 42 hour run to Chicago on Sunday evening. Alan, a retired train buff, joined our team and served as our official rail guide and information database. Alan was immensely helpful along the way with instructions about how to proceed and had a treasure trove of interesting stories along the way. For our first Karaoke night it was Alan who suggested America The Beautiful, which turned out to be one of the more rousing tunes of the night with everyone singing the refrains with gusto.

In Flagstaff we picked up Lola & Louie, our Karaoke team for the journey, early Monday morning. They had driven from Phoenix the night before and rented a hotel room so that they could join us. You see the Amtrak system doesn’t really serve Phoenix exactly – the Sunset Limited stops in Tucson and Maricopa with connecting service to Phoenix by bus, but that train goes to Orlando, Florida so they were forced to drive a couple hundred miles to join us in Flagstaff. Their passion for the work was deep and sincere. The Karaoke they brought for two nights, on two trains, was one of the highlights of the journey and helped us make many new friends aboard the PEACE TRAIN to DC.

Union Station in Washington DC is a madhouse. A large portion is closed off for one of king george’s parties with secret service men standing around all over the place. A Mobile Command Center and uniformed people are all over the place as thousands of people surge throughout this massive train station.

We did our best to stay together, but the chaos overwhelms those who didn’t have sleeper tickets as they can’t meet us in the Club Acela lounge. Nevertheless, Peggy, the goddess who came all the way from Humboldt County in Northern California with a 15 year old german exchange student, 2 8 year old boys and her 3 year old daughter. These children played an important role many times along the way, including decorating our plain black and white PEACE TRAIN to DC signs with colors and enhancements like tracks and a golden beam of light shining from the front of the engine.

In the end it was Peggy and Tim that finally made it to the House of Representatives to deliver the letter everyone had signed on board this morning. After an exhilarating high speed hike the few blocks from the train station to the Capitol we were at first turned away – not permitted to cross a short span to reach our destination. Undaunted, we resolved to walk around the obstruction and eventually found our selves removing coats and shoes to be scanned by an x-ray conveyer belt as we entered the Rayburn Office building. Amazingly, the second door we came to was in fact Peggy’s representative and we were greeted warmly by someone who was from Peggy’s home town.

We delivered our letters to several other representative’s offices, even Tom Delay’s and a couple other republicans. Mission accomplished, I will post this brief update and write more later. There is more to tell, but I am out of time for now, so please stay tuned, I still have to get back to the West Coast and there is a message from Amtrak that my train has been canceled from Chicago due to weather.

The PEACE TRAIN to DC has arrived!

The PEACE TRAIN to DC is underway!

The PEACE TRAIN to DC is underway! You may still have a chance to get on board as we make our way across the country to Washington DC. Check the schedules below to find out when we are scheduled to arrive near you.

Stimulate a Conversation about Conservation with PEACE TRAIN to DC Buttons, Hats, Shirts, Mugs and much more in our CafePress shop online at ~ $2 from each item sold supports our work.

It seems entirely fitting that as I wait this morning for the taxi to take me to the Amtrak station David Kay, Iraq weapons inspector, is on c-span discussing WMD, A few statements he made of note, paraphrased:

“There never were any weapons of mass destruction to find.”

“They simply were never made.”

“We have to recognize that our presence there is an incitement to violence. We should begin to reduce American military presence immediately.”

Well, I am doing all I can to call for peace, knowing it is a very small voice in a very large crowd, but there are thousands that feel the same way, and we are on our way to DC to make sure the world knows it. May God Bless our Journey!

111 Choices, Democracy in IRAQ 2005

The Military Industrial Complex has defined the terms for a mock election in Iraq to appease the rabble.

So, if you are a selected person from any of 14 countries other than Iraq, or if you have the misfortune of actually living (dying?) in Iraq, you will soon be given an opportunity to vote a ballot with 111 choices on it.

Some of your choices will be for political parties, some for individual names, and 1 out of three will be or have a woman in the party.

From the news I have gathered, it seems to me that if you vote in Iraq on January 30th, 2005, three things are certain; you will not know the names of most of the people on the ballot until the election is over, you will be among a minority of 40% or less, and you may not make it home alive.

Who really believes this is any kind of real democracy? This sham of an election has been cooked up by the fascist parasites that have wormed their way into leadership positions both politically and economically worldwide. Modern electioneering has benefited from the technology explosion and it has become increasingly more difficult to detect fraud and manipulation.

Under the sands of Iraq are stored billions of gallons of petroleum, some say 11% of the worlds known reserves – the stakes are very high indeed. The Military Industrial Complex requires vast quantities of cheap resources to exploit, and petroleum is key among them. It also needs a lot of war to create markets for the products the Military Industrial Complex has become so adept at providing, thus giving millions of people jobs and comfortable lifestyles.

Amazingly, these very same workers are baffled when someone strikes back at the expansionist fascists and easily fall prey to religious extremists propaganda. I suspect most really do know, but choose to ignore, the truth. After all, many are directly benefiting from the spoils of war – cheap petroleum and everything that empowers.

So the billions of dollars spent is actually spent enriching the marketplace for more petroleum consumption, more weapons, more tanks, more bombs, more war for people who love war. The object of war has never been to have an election! With rare exception, the object of war is to overthrow the powers that are in the way of fascist expansion, and the wars being conducted worldwide are no different.

111 choices, names unknown, trust the government….

Killing Zone

To make jet fuel a refinery cracks pipeline crude once – the result is jet fuel and asphalt. This asphalt is then used in a number of ways but primarily to construct roads, or from this writer’s perspective, Killing Zones. Black ribbons devoid of life that enables massive machinery to charge around mindlessly running down anything in its path. Spewing toxic clouds and disrupting the peace, mankind’s greatest technological achievements in the form of private transportation have enslaved the people it was meant to serve with an addiction to cheap petroleum.

Imagine the ideal home for your family. Surely a top priority would be safety and isolation from the noise, pollution and danger posed by cars whizzing by. No one selects property with ‘Freeway Frontage” to live on! In fact, the distance from the front door to the nearest public roadway may be a measure of prosperity. The home is a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily commerce.

Yet, we allow tons of steel to hurtle through our neighborhoods, often piloted by impaired, distracted, mindless people intent only on their mission, not the health and safety of others. Remember, over 4000 pedestrians are killed while tens of thousands are maimed for life every year by motor vehicles. ALL of them had the Right-of-Way simply by virtue of the fact that they were not in a motor vehicle. This clearly demonstrates a complete disregard for life – if it makes the error of wandering into the path of an oncoming motor vehicle, or if the WMD wanders off the road to run them down, well, that is just the cost of having motor vehicles.

Frankly, I am stunned at this attitude of indifference. Whenever I bring the topic up invariably the addict will quickly point out that some of the 4000 were drunken bums that wandered into the road – ok, so even if we dismiss the value of their life and human rights because they are drunken bums, what about the 10% killed and maimed that are children on their way to school?

What if a mad killer was loose in your neighborhood – we know the killer has a history of murder and mayhem and will soon kill or maim again. Wouldn’t the entire police and military force be out under Amber Alert to track down the monster?

Well I am telling you that monster may very well be you the next time you mindlessly enter a crosswalk or cross a line to race around someone. Because that is how it happens – most of the time people are in a hurry, racing to the next red light, and they may commit some minor infraction, such as crossing over the white line on the right side because a car in front of you is stopped to turn left, or driving into the sidewalk or crosswalk before making a turn into traffic. I am sure no one really ‘means’ to run a kid down with his or her personal 2 tons of comfort and ease, but it happens.

In fact, it happens THOUSANDS of times every day. This is not okay with me, and I resolve to do all I can to change the mindset that permits it – addiction to petroleum.

Mission Accomplished

The hunt for biological, chemical and nuclear weapons in Iraq has come to an end nearly two years after President Bush ordered U.S. troops to disarm Saddam Hussein. The top CIA weapons hunter is home, and analysts are back at Langley. In interviews, officials who served with the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) said the violence in Iraq, coupled with a lack of new information, led them to fold up the effort shortly before Christmas.
(Washington Post)

The Mission was to engage the United States of America in a long term war to feed the war machine and stimulate the Economy. I predicted this during the campaign in 2000. I may not have written it down, but in my heart I knew that if George Bush got elected we would surely be at war within a year. Remember, the dot com bust was fresh; the economy was in the tank. NASDAQ had slid from its dizzying mark above 6000 and has remained back in the 2000 range ever since. Team Bush needed an Economic engine fast, and nothing is faster than ramping up the war Economy.

Someone said “Follow the money” – and the money trail leads through the likes of Halliburton, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, EXXON, Shell-Texaco, BP, Bechtel and a myriad of corporations worldwide. Actually, in some ways America is getting a bum rap because investors from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Japan, and even the former USSR are all reaping huge profits on arms and support materials to keep these wars going worldwide.

One day last year I dialed a number published in an article that connected me to a worker at a large defense contractor – well, bomb builder. I asked her how it felt to be a party to the mayhem caused and perpetuated by their products. Predictably, she jumped to the defensive mode and excused it by stating they were building things to protect our troops. I said that the best way to protect our troops, and America, would be to keep them here instead of sending them out rampaging all over the world to conquer and destroy.

It is important to understand how much of western cultures prosperity is tied to the Military Industrial Complex, and to recognize that millions of families depend on that income to perpetuate the “American Way of Life” they have grown accustomed to.

There are a precious few democrats that are willing to say no to this. The majority understand the economic connection, and to retain their positions ignore morality and pander to the corporate world. This is a spiritual sickness of the soul. A symptom is the love of money. Wealth corrupts and requires compromise. The Economy is the first priority in every issue considered by these souled out politicians. Even when debating the pros and cons of going to war, the number one consideration is always about how it will affect the Economy. Accustomed to compromise and half truth, it becomes second nature to veil the truth with a layer of middle-of-the-road pap to appease the public, while the real deals are made in secret meetings with corporate executives.

This explains why George Bush was able to stand up and declare HIS Mission Accomplished. His mission was to ramp up the war machine, which stimulated the Economy. Capitalists love him because their families are prospering. Most American families have two or more cars to drive. Many have boats and campers to insulate them from the natural world when the go out to play. Most have complete control over the temperature in their cars and homes, and cheap petroleum has created demand for televisions to be built into the headrests of vehicles that look more and more like living rooms on wheels. Many have TWO homes to occupy, one for just a few weeks out of the year, and they will drive their mobile living rooms right past homeless people begging for pennies and living in cardboard boxes on their way to worship with other capitalists in fancy buildings that are also only used a once or twice each week, then locked and protected by security forces to stand empty the rest of the time.

The Mission was Accomplished. The Economy is improving