Motion of Life

Considering the Motion of Life – in and out, back and forth, up and down, the act of intercourse, breathe in and breathe out, all these result in the Cycle of life. Remove one of the opposites and life ceases.

Remove war and there will be no peace.

Remove hate and there will be no love.

Remove all insects all life will cease.

Remove night and there will be no day.

Remove the evil, there will be no good.

Light and Dark, Odd and Even, Positive and Negative, War and Peace, Love and Hate, all these are opposites – or are they? Perhaps these are just different sides of the same coin? As in the poles of a battery, a measure of time called a Day, the full experience of flying, intercourse for procreation?

Tension that exists between opposites is Life.

One must first love, then hate, or vice versa. The absence of either is indifference; one is not possible without the other.

No war, No peace, Know War, Know Peace. Without war, there would be no peace, and vice versa. Do you understand?

Can people choose where they will be on this spectrum of Tension?

Is this position a result of circumstances or is there a spiritual component involved?

It seems to me the simple response is to seek balance, however, imagine if the ocean tides found balance and the ocean were stilled? This would mean the influence of the moon had somehow gone away, and I am quite sure that would only be possible in the presence of many other significant events, too numerous to imagine. Surely all life on earth would be affected by such an event!

What if there were a perfect balance of light and dark – it would be all gray! On the other hand, what if it were all of one and none of the other? Again, this would be the end of life for it would be the end of Tension.

So, the Tension that is Life only occurs in the presence of Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Love and Hate.

Indifference is death.

Robertson and Rove’s Rich Religious Right Republican Talking Points Regarding KatRina

1) KatRina was a Natural storm – as in Organic – spin to ‘good for you’

2) It was their own fault, they were warned and didn’t leave – as in Personal Responsibility – spin to the Evil Sin City got what they deserved because god hates fags and other evildoers.

3) Local officials have first responder authority, not the federal government, Bush was patiently waiting for the local officials to approve federal help – spin to federal government can’t solve all your problems – god helps those that help themselves.

4) Blame Game – it is not time to play the blame game because it is all local officials fault and besides we have hard work to do now is not the time to play the blame game – spin with many photo ops with Bush posed with victims interspersed with shattered church buildings with handfuls of the faithful worshiping god in the ruins. Remember, this is a NatuRal disaster, wholesome, refer to talking point #2.

5) Bill and/or Hillary Clinton

6) Hillary and/or Bill Clinton


8) If talking points 1 through 7 all fail to wear down the truth seeker, use nuclear option and ask why they hate America.

Emergency Measures letter to congress

Regarding the crisis in the Gulf Coast region I have two urgent comments for your consideration.

1) When congress reconvenes September 6, 2005 the first priority should be to insure all needed support is provided for humanity with a priority on human life NOT private property in the Gulf Coast region.
2) Criminal and impeachment proceedings should begin immediately to quickly remove the incompetent and corrupt officials that made this crisis thousands of times worse than it should have been. Emergency measures must be taken to remove the threat to American lives that IS the Bush administration.

In closing, I call on you to uphold the oath you took when you became my elected representative in congress.


Katrina, cowards and hero’s

1) Watching thousands of New Orleans residents streaming back into the region to gather their valuables that survived the storm I notice that most are driving SUV’s and some even have big RV’s and trucks. Why are these people not being pressed into service to adopt a family from their own neighborhood and help evacuate them through this disaster? After all, these people are their neighbors.

2) During the 9/11 crises every major news channel marshaled all resources to cover the event for weeks without commercial interruptions – today they are still selling SUV’s and the latest greatest electronic marvel or miracle drug. It is clear far more people are affected this time – why the big change?

3) If you think race had nothing to do with it, consider the stories on BBC.COM of white Britons that were rescued first by the troops.

Britons returning from New Orleans have described the horrifying conditions inside the Superdome.

They were among thousands who took refuge in the stadium from the floods that engulfed the US city following Hurricane Katrina.


Jenny Sachs, of Sheffield, told how soldiers had to smuggle her out of the Superdome in secret.

She said they had told her the lights would go out before the rescue, and warned her not to use a torch for fear of attack.

She was one of about 30 Britons who, realising they could not escape the city, fled to the stadium for shelter.

“It has hit me more now I am at home, when you can have clean water, how bad it was.”

The military told all non-US citizens to stay together for safety, Ms Sachs added.

They later told them they would be secretly smuggled out in groups of 10 under cover of darkness as it had become too dangerous for them to remain in the stadium, she told BBC News.

“When we were leaving, people were going ‘Where are you going?’ and giving us looks.

“But the military got us out, which we were all thankful for.”


4) Many have said the Bush administration was slow to respond but that is not quite right – Bush officials were very much on top of restoring shipments of petroleum. Only when the oil infrastructure was secure did they start sending support for the people that were stuck in the hell New Orleans had become. These choices and actions will help insure the flow of America’s favorite drug will not be slowed much, though the price will go up for sure.

5) The Bush supporters are showing their true colors now with vicious remarks like why didn’t ‘those people’ evacuate themselves and why do they expect the government to take care of them all the time anyway?

6) The Bush power grab trying to force the governor of Louisiana to cede all authority, as a condition of aid is the final, treasonous straw. Congress should proceed directly to impeachment proceedings upon reconvening. To allow this administration to continue implicates every member of congress that avoids the duty they swore to when they took office. In fact, the only way to worsen this crisis would be to proceed with business and bribes as usual when congress returns on September 6th, 2005.