Lead into Gold via Unleaded Right-Foot

Unleaded Right-Foot bumper sticker aavailable now, click here!Looking for a way to turn lead into gold? UNLEADED RIGHT-FOOT is a new message out from the Drive 55 Conservation Project, and a bumper sticker is now available to put other drivers on notice that they are behind a conservation minded driver.

Studies and real world experience has proven beyond doubt that slowing down to obey speed limits, never exceeding 55 MPH, will save between 20% & 50% of the fuel used. See http://Drive55.org to review the many studies and Real World Vehicle Efficiency Reports archived online for your convenience.

Remember, the United States could stop importing oil from the mid-east by simply slowing down and restoring the national 55 MPH speed limit because less than 20% of our consumption comes from there. The rest comes from Canada, Mexico & Venezuela, and of course our own wells that at one time lead the world in production.

Part of the problem is the way cars are designed to accelerate quickly and achieve high speeds with very little awareness or effort by the driver. These overpowered and oversized monsters are more often than not carrying just one person – think about it, we use 2 tons of technology to move a 200 pound person around, this means that about 10% of the energy consumed is actually moving the person, the other 90% is moving the car!

Why not try and do this more efficiently? We can start right now by ending the race-to-the-next-red-light mentality and by requiring manufacturers who want to sell their products here to reduce the weight and horsepower significantly. Of course few current elected leaders will be willing to support this because they thrive on fuel taxes, citizens will need to take the lead so the politicians will follow. That has been the point of the Drive 55 Conservation Project since it was conceived shortly after 9/11/01 with the slogan “Fight Terrorism, Drive 55″

Now, with motor fuel hovering around $3 gallon there is more incentive than ever to reduce consumption to save money for our families instead of funding more war over oil and regional control to protect ‘America interests’. Please visit http://Drive55.org soon to get your UNLEADED RIGHT-FOOT bumper sticker and take the pledge “To obey existing speed limits, never exceeding 55 MPH”.

Thanks for listening,

Tim Castleman
Founder, Drive 55 Conservation Project