Energy and global warming crisis solved – remove the roof, ground jets

The solution to the pending energy and global warming crisis is simple and can be accomplished with 3 simple steps.

1: Remove the roof from all private motor vehicles. Exposure to the natural world will increase awareness of the destruction being wrought and cause a reduction in use and speed by all drivers. Just one or two rides in the rain will send the addict scurrying to warm, dry public transportation. The absence of a roof would make stealing the entertainment system easy, so these would migrate back to the living room, where they belong. Comfy seating would soon be destroyed by rain and weather to be replaced by weatherproof seating, like plastic patio chairs while public transit would be upgraded to plush seating with full entertainment systems on board.

2: Ground all jet aircraft, forever.

3: Add $3 per gallon carbon tax to all motor fuel sold or consumed (including biofuel) and ban electric propulsion.

Drastic? Yep, but then a 2 to 10 foot rise of the sea level will be pretty drastic, no? War for More is pretty drastic too, no?