Dear ORCO Construction Supplies,

August 27, 2007

To Whom it May Concern,

Today riding north on Howe Ave as I approached the intersection at Cottage the signal changed from red to green. I looked over my left shoulder and behind me I could see a big truck well behind me. I arrived at the intersection ahead of the truck and was 1/3 of the way across when the trucks air horn went off as the driver made a right turn, missing my back wheel by inches. Cyclists know this as a “Right Hook” and already this month two innocent victims were killed in separate bay area incidents just like this.
I am grateful to be alive, and furious at the reckless way this massive machine is being operated. I followed the driver two blocks up Cottage and confronted him. He acknowledged he had seen me but excused his actions by stating the pedestrian signal was red. The job-site supervisor was present when he made this statement. The truck plate # is 6A76578 and had 681004 on the hood. On 8-7-07 a cyclist was run over and killed by a semi-truck turning right onto Bay towards campus from the westward lane of Mission Street in Santa Cruz and someone took this picture. I hope you will show this letter and picture to every driver as it only takes a moment to change two people’s lives forever.

Truck kills cyclists

Tim Castleman,

The Midas $20 'Free' brake inspection

The sign said “Free Brake Inspection” and I was fully prepared to spend a couple hundred to have the rear brakes serviced on my Mom’s 86 Taurus with 40k miles on it. Though there were several empty bays, and it was within 20 minutes after the shop opened, the clerk said it would be 45 minutes and $20 for the estimate, which would be waved IF I had the repairs done. THE SIGN SAID “FREE BRAKE INSPECTION” – the mechanics were standing around having coffee. I took my Mom’s car and the MONEY elsewhere.