Proton Beam Therapy

I posted my story to an online listserv and have had several responses with glowing support of Proton Beam Therapy.
Proton therapy has been practiced at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA for 17 years. Additional proton centers have been established at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute in Indiana, MD Anderson in Texas and University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville. Proton therapy is also practiced in Europe and Asia. And at least 16 new hospital-based proton treatment centers are in the design, construction or planning stage around the world.
So I sent an inquiry to the Loma Linda folks since that is the closest to me.

I also sent an inquiry to Oakland based CET because they offer a unique method that removes the radiation from my body after each treatment and Oakland is a 2 hour train ride away.

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July RT Consultation

Had appointment with RT Oncologist Dr. Leibenhaut on July 1 who did the most thorough exam to date, including a DRE. He assigned a CS of T2B and told me his recommendation would be surgery because my staging indicates I would have a 25% chance of not needing radiation therapy, which also means I have a 75% chance of ALSO needing RT anyway. He said the risks were about equivalent for side effects but that RT would likely lead to a new cancer 15-20 years later. He was also confident of success, and willing, to treat me with a triplex of Hormone, EBRT and Seed Implants. He told me of a clinical trial I barely qualified for that would involve a control group that does just the seeds.

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June more details emerge

6/19/09 I was scheduled for a follow up appointment June 23rd but they called on June 18 and reset the appointment for June 26th. I asked about referrals for further tests and to a radiation & medical oncologists which seemed bewildering to the girl that called. I also asked if it was possible to communicate with Dr. Crawford via email for simple questions. The girl didn’t know and called me back a few minutes later to say no to everything. I will just have to wait until my next appointment.

6/26/09 Questions to ask Dr. Crawford:

What is the size of the tumor?
37 G per Ultrasound during biopsy

What treatment do you suggest?
Surgery (Radical Prostatectomy) or Radiation Therapy

What other tests should I have?
CAT Scan marginally useful, bone scan expensive and rarely positive

At this appointment Dr. Crawford clarified his Clinical diagnoses is T2A. He gave me a referral for consultation with Dr. Leibenhaut whose office called the same day and set me up for Weds, 7/1/09 at 10 AM

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