CCI Withdrawn

After five months of collecting signatures in all kinds of weather, the California Cannabis Initiative (CCI) has been withdrawn. CCI was an initiative aimed at the November 2010 ballot that would have legalized marijuana in California for adults 21 and up and guaranteed civil rights for cannabis consumers. Although not enough signatures were gathered to place the CCI proposal on the ballot, the campaign has been a success on many fronts.

Integrity. The CCI campaign utilized a 100% volunteer workforce. No signature gatherers were paid to circulate the CCI petition.

Education. Thousands of California voters have learned of CCI’s main planks while visiting their favorite local venues. Some of those proposals include releasing of pot prisoners if cannabis is their only crime. Earmarking tax funds for healthcare, education, environmental programs, public works and state parks. Mandating decriminalization of marijuana in every city and county in California. Equalizing adult’s rights to grow, possess, transport, use and sell marijuana.

Fun. Volunteers have reported that CCI was one of the most enjoyable campaigns that they have worked on. It was written and staffed by sincere true believers, and attracted exceptionally intelligent individuals.

Grassroots Organization.
Hundreds of volunteers got involved and thousands of California voters have registered to vote for the first time in their life after being inspired by this campaign. This is a new voting bloc that can be activated for marijuana legalization and civil rights protection in the future.

Thank you to all who contributed to this effort. If there is enough interest, a new campaign may commence for 2012. Today the campaign needs $375 to close out the books and file the final report with the Secretary of State. Your contribution of any amount is deeply appreciated, even $5 or $10 helps, please don’t be shy! The CCI Paypal account is

Peter G. Keyes
California Cannabis Initiative Volunteer

Tim Castleman
California Cannabis Initiative Petition Campaign

Omar Figueroa, Joe Rogoway, James J. Clark
California Cannabis Initiative Proponents