Prohibition STILL doesn't work. It never did. Why not regulate and tax it instead?

Prohibition STILL doesn’t work. It never did. Why not regulate and tax it instead?

Marijuana use is a victimless crime and prohibition is very unpopular among the general public. The law itself creates an unregulated black market economy that gangs and thugs profit from. Rival gangs fight over market segments and turf wars disrupt our communities with violence and other criminal activities.

History confirms that prohibition never worked and actually created one of the bloodiest, most corrupt periods in American history. The solution was to legalize, regulate, and tax the forbidden substance for adults.

When we regulate and tax marijuana for adults it will put an end to the cannabis crime wave driven by black market profits caused by prohibition. When we allow responsible adults to produce, process and sell commercial cannabis with requirements for labeling and tax commercial sales it will benefit our state and local budgets.

California Cannabis Initiative is the grassroots, people’s movement to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis. This is a 100% volunteer effort with no corporate funding.

The success of the California Cannabis Initiative depends on your contribution of time and resources.

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Tim Castleman
Yes on California Cannabis Initiative

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